Home Improvements To Do While You Are Still At Home

Home Improvements To Do While You Are Still At Home

Did you have the best intentions for home improvements during the quarantine, but it fell by the wayside? It’s not too late! Get on it while you’re still at home. We have some great suggestions for things you should consider for your home while you have the time. Do you have kids at home who are out of school and bored with no where to go? Get them involved for a fun family project!

Paint Trim or Rooms

Paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up any room even if it’s just the trim. Painting trim makes rooms look brighter and cleaner. It’s amazing how dust can settle into trim making it look dull not to mention what pets and kids can manage to do to it. Grab brushes and rollers and enlist the kids to help. Don’t forget painter’s tape! Purchase paint samples first to brush on the walls to make sure it’s what you want. A semi-gloss paint helps walls appear brighter and an eggshell finish can help diminish minor imperfections, such as drywall dents or small plaster cracks.

Spring Cleaning

May as well do those chores that we all put off. Dust the blinds, baseboards, molding, and window sills. Clean the windows while you’re there! Dust vents and change air filters. This is also a great time to wash curtains, duvets, comforters and mattress pads. Wipe down kitchen cabinets inside and out and give your appliances a thorough cleaning too. While you are in those cabinets think about purging things you don’t need anymore and donate them. Caulk where needed, change lightbulbs, and tighten loose fixtures. You’ll be so glad you used this time to take care of these things once you are back to work, errands, and activities that keep us on the go.

Organize the Garage

When was the last time you took everything out and surveyed what’s lurking in dark corners of the garage? The garage is the perfect spot for pests who like to take up residence in dark corners. Give your garage a thorough sweeping and cleaning. Throw out broken items and donate bikes, tools, and anything useful that you don’t need anymore. Organize everything onto shelves or in bins. We’ve even heard of people turning their garages into a teen hang-out area or playroom when there isn’t room in the house.

Build A Playground

If you don’t have one already and don’t want to take your kids to crowded community playgrounds you should add your own. You can purchase kits at your local hardware store or order online. If you don’t want to build it yourself many hardware stores will do it for you or you can hire someone to assemble it. Other ideas include creating an inexpensive obstacle course, adding cornhole boards, badminton or an inflatable pool. It doesn’t have to be costly to turn your backyard into a fun recreational area for the family to enjoy.

Redecorate Using What You Already Own

It can get old staring at the same old furniture, art and books in the same room every day. Move them around to different parts of the house and what was getting old suddenly feels new! Pillows, throws, accent chairs and artwork are easy things to transfer to other places in the house. Did you find old heirloom or accent plates in the cabinets you cleaned out? Hang them on a wall in any room or place in a picture stand to display on a table. Be creative with accessories and books you’ve tucked away to make pretty vignettes on tables and dressers around the house.

Enjoy your home and make the most of it while you are spending the majority of your time in it. As always, if you need assistance with any mortgage needs such as a refinance we are here to advise you!

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