We Can Help You Qualify For A Jumbo Loan

Today’s market challenges are exactly WHY you need to work with Angel Oak Home Loans!

-We have Jumbo options such as non-QM Platinum Jumbo that other lenders do not have.
-If you don’t qualify for Prime, we simply move eligible homebuyers into Platinum Jumbo without delays. Another lender may simply turn you down.
-Our non-QM Platinum Jumbo allows only four years out of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, or deed-in-lieu. Prime requires seven years out of these credit event.
-Options! Gold Prime JumboPrime Jumbo, and non-QM Platinum Jumbo offers more opportunity for more homebuyers to qualify for a higher priced home.
-Loan limits up to $3.5 million depending on loan type for purchase or refinance.

Rising home prices affect most markets across the country right now due to tight inventory. A number of homes that were at or below conforming limits are now in the “Jumbo range”. Many homebuyers are concerned that they won’t qualify for a Jumbo loan. On top of that, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have tightened guidelines making it harder to qualify for a traditional loan.

Homebuyers don’t have to let today’s market challenges ​keep them from the home of their dreams.