We Are Proud To Be A Go-To Lender In Our Atlanta Headquarters

Angel Oak Home Loans, established in 2011, is a retail lender headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We pride ourselves on helping homebuyers become homeowners. Our lending practice is based on a core principal of providing consumers a variety of innovative mortgage products tailored to meet their individual home financing requirements. We respect that everyone comes to us with unique circumstances and we are ready to advise them on the very best way to meet their mortgage needs. Offering traditional loan products and a portfolio suite of programs enables us to help a larger population of people including those who did not think homeownership was a possibility. Many of our clients recommend Angel Oak to a friend or colleague based on their positive experience working with us.

We are proud to be a go-to lender in Atlanta – a market with diverse lending needs. Atlanta real estate is known for being one of the best long term investments in the country. Growth in this city has been steady and it’s commonly referred to as a great place to live and invest in. Atlanta is the capital city and economic center of the state of Georgia. Our city is located in the northwest portion of the state in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with dense trees and beautiful foliage. Some people call us the “city in a forest”. With 40 degree-granting colleges and universities, our metropolitan area is home to many students along with a diverse population of people. The housing market is diverse as well and attracts a significant number of property investors. Our Licensed Mortgage Advisors understand the complexities of the Atlanta market well and are trusted resources for solutions for challenging loan scenarios.

Angel Oak Home Loans is proud to have helped many people purchase the perfect house to call home in Atlanta. When we say, “Built for Speed. Driven by Service. Close Quickly With Angel Oak Home Loans”, we mean it!