Trust Us as Your Go-To Lender and Sell More Homes!

Realtors, Do you have a lender who you feel is really on your team with the same end goal of a happy buyer who had an amazing experience purchasing a home? Do you know a lender who can match a buyer with the perfect loan product to ensure a quick, seamless loan process? If you aren’t sure or the answer is no, work with us and you can say “yes, I have that”!
Trust us to be your go-to lender based on the value-add that we bring to the table:
  • Products for diverse loan needs – Traditional, Bank Statement, Freddie Mac HomeOne, Investor Cash Flow, Chenoa FHA DPA and many others designed for those who fall neatly into conventional guidelines or for the self-employed, credit event buyer, or property investors who need alternative loan options.
  •  Resources – Our First Time Homebuyers Guide, MyHomeLoan mobile app, online learning and resource center gives you everything you need for a competitive edge in today’s market. Our mobile app lets you and your client access updates on their loan anywhere and anytime.
  • Fast Closing – We know a quick and seamless close is the mark of a true lending professional. This is why it is critical to choose a lender with multiple loan options to get it right the first time. Work with us, close loans fast, and sell more homes!
We want to be your long-term lending partner making your life as a Realtor easier and successful! When we say Built for Speed, Driven by Service, we mean it!