Tips To Make Your Lawn and Garden Look Their Best

This is an excellent time to get some fresh air, exercise and beautify your yard all at the same time. The best news about getting your garden ready and sprucing up the yard is that it can be very inexpensive to no cost at all. There is plenty to do without getting out and going to a store. If we have to stay home right now, it may as well look it’s best for our own enjoyment!

Here are some tips to make your lawn and garden beautiful:

Pull weeds – We know this is not fun, unless you actually enjoy weeding. It is, however, necessary for a healthy lawn and garden. Get the kids to do it or join the kids. Family fun at it’s best! Do it now before the ground hardens in dry summer soil and they have a chance to take deeper root.

Dead-head perennial leaves – Any leaves or flowers that weren’t clipped off last year should be done now. It will instantly improve the look of the plant and will make way for all of that beautiful new growth. Water them and add new mulch if you can. Speaking of….

Mulch – It’s possible you might have pine straw that you can move from one part of the yard to another. Also, some nurseries are delivering mulch or you can do a drive-by to pick it up. It’s a great time to mulch around perennials and shrubs and contain the moisture while we have it.

Divide perennials – The time is right to do this before new growth starts to push out. Dig them up, carefully divide them, and plant some in a new spot.  It is very important to plant new clumps right away and give them plenty of water. It’s like having new plants that you didn’t even have to shop for. Win! If you have more than you want, see if a neighbor would like them.

Edge beds – The end of winter is an excellent time to cut nice clean edges around your lawn and all garden beds. It makes your lawn look polished and it helps to keep mulch where it belongs.

Order seeds – Order your seeds online now while you can get what you want. Seeds are so much less expensive than plants. Cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are examples of flowers and vegetables that do well from seeds.

Prepare beds – Weed and edge! If you have it, add compost or any fertilizer you might have. If you don’t have any, a nursery will either deliver or you can do a drive-by pick up for fertilizer and good top soil. Till the garden with a tiller, garden claw or rake working all that healthy soil around and breaking it up. Add a layer of mulch to help keep moisture in and to continue to build a rich, fertile garden. That’s it! It is ready for planting.

Prepare your lawn – Rake any dead leaves and remove thatch from your lawn. Even if you don’t have dead leaves you still need to rake the lawn. It helps to remove dead grass leaves and matted patches. This allows new grass to grow. A light fertilizer and preemergent herbicide can be applied if you have them. If not, no worries – this can wait until fall. Water if needed and sit back and enjoy until it’s time to mow.

Happy spring and happy planting! Enjoy your time at home and if any mortgage needs arise let us know. We are always happy to help!