The Importance Of Curb Appeal

Regardless if you trying to sell your home or staying put for a while, curb appeal is important. Curb appeal offers a first impression and might sway an opinion on what the inside is like. It could determine whether or not a buyer is interested.

Based on inventory, future homebuyers are driving through neighborhoods looking for homes they like whether they have for sale signs in the yard or not. Maximize your property’s value! Not selling in the near future? Enjoy it until you make a move. And who knows, maybe one of those potential buyers are just waiting for a for sale sign to go up in your yard!

Easy Ways To Improve Curb Appeal:

  • Remove dead plants and prune overgrown bushes.
  • Seed the lawn if needed and make sure to water.
  • Add fresh mulch.
  • Power wash the exterior of the house, deck and driveway – instant refresh!
  • Paint the front door. This alone can make a huge difference in the look of the house.
  • Maintain your mailbox by painting the post or keeping it clean.
Have you decided not to move because of the market?
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