Self-Employed People And 1099 Earners Can Qualify For Home Loans Without Tax Returns


Are you self-employed or a 1099 earner wanting to purchase a home or refinance but not sure how it works based on your circumstances? We understand and that is why we have a loan product created specifically just for you. It’s called a Bank Statement home loan and those who are eligible can qualify using personal or business statements. We do not require income or tax returns. People with 1099s can use their 1099 earning statements to qualify.

Bank Statement loans are one of our most highly utilized loan products. We have helped many self-employed people with their refinance or achieving their dream of purchasing a new home.  We can help you too!

Call us today to see if you are eligible or to just receive more information. It starts with a conversation!


  • 12 or 24 months personal or business bank statements allowed
  • 1099 income option available
  • Purchase, rate-term or cash-out refinance
  • Loans up to $3 million

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