Reduce Your Home Energy Costs and Save

We are pleased to extend service past your closing date to ensure you are getting the most out of a very important investment – your home! Keeping a home maintained can help avoid costly repairs down the line and we know it’s important to save as much money as possible to be able to do that. One way to save money is by cutting down your home energy spending. These tips on trimming energy costs is not only good for your home, but your wallet too.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat You can get substantial savings with a device that allows you to set up a schedule for the temperature in the house. Keep the A/C and heat from running when you are at work or on vacation. Set it to for altering temps during the night. The options are endless based on what works for you.
  2. Seal your home airtight Determine where cold or hot air is coming from into your home. This air can cause your home to “leak” making it not so efficient. Air sealing is a project that you can do at home that can significantly reduce cold or hot air to leak outside your house. A weekend project could cause your energy bills to lower making the time spent well worth it.
  3. Make proper use of your fans Did you know you can use your fan in the winter to circulate warm air? You can – just adjust it to run clockwise in the winter. It helps warm air move down in the winter. Make sure to adjust it back to counterclockwise in the summer. If you don’t have ceiling fans, consider buying box or standing fans for the summer. Many fans come with a remote control that can change the direction with a touch of a button. They are an inexpensive way to raise your thermostat a few degrees in the summer and still stay cool.
  4. Invest in LED lighting  LEDs are hands down the most efficient bulbs for your home inside and out. They have a very long life and use much less energy than other lightbulbs. You can find LED lights for any fixture including decorative chandeliers and lamps.
  5. Purchase energy efficient appliances Aside from the ratings, look and functionality of an appliance you should also study the energy numbers that are listed in a product description. Compare model to model as it can be a huge energy saver over the years.
  6. Use natural gas if you can Natural gas is available in most areas and it is typically less expensive to use each month. Make sure to negotiate the price per therm by doing your research and knowing what the competitive rates are.

We hope you find these tips helpful! Let us know if you have any questions or home refinance needs that could help you save even further.

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