Realtors – Stand Out And Beat The Competition!

Any seasoned Realtor trying to increase their earnings year over year or a new Realtor just starting to build their business needs something to offer that others are not. A way to stand out! How about becoming a specialized, niche Realtor helping underserved homebuyers. How? Having a lender with non-QM experience!

Why is this important? Because you would be helping a large population of credit-worthy underserved homebuyers. Homebuyers other Realtors don’t think to help or actively target through marketing.

Who are these non-QM homebuyers? Self-employed, real estate investors, Jumbo borrowers and those less than seven years out of foreclosure or bankruptcy for example.

Is there really a market for this? Yes! We are setting records in non-QM volume helping these customers. Our Bank Statement loans for self-employed and our Investor Cash Flow product for real estate investors are our most utilized non-QM loan products.

Other Realtors are successful partnering with Angel Oak? YES! We have many Realtor clients who ran into a situation where their homebuyer was turned away by another lender because they couldn’t qualify for an Agency loan. They heard about us and gave us a call with hope their homebuyer would qualify. After quickly determining eligibility and closing the loan, we are now their lender for traditional AND non-QM business. Many have seen their referral base increase and additional commissions they weren’t expecting.

Call us today and find out how we close loans for:
  • Self-employed people who can’t qualify using tax returns
  • Real estate investors without requiring tax returns, income or employment info
  • Homebuyers who are less then seven years out of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu