Questions To Ask Your Lender – That Would Be Us!

Instead of wondering if the market is favorable to move, or if you are eligible for a refinance, or how a work situation or change in financial circumstances affects getting a mortgage….why don’t you just call and ask?


That’s right – you don’t have to be ready with a new house in mind or have your mind made up that a refinance makes sense. You can just call us and have a conversation.


Plenty of people call us every day just to ask a few questions.

Here are some common questions that we have received lately:


  • How do I get rid of my private mortgage insurance (PMI)?I lost my job a few years ago and I am now a 1099 earner. Can I still qualify for a mortgage?
  • I just closed on a house within the past year. When am I eligible for a refinance?
  • We are still working from home and realize we’ve outgrown our space. Our income is different now… can we find out what we can afford?
  • I received an email that mentioned a Bank Statement loan for self-employed people. What does that mean?
  • What loans exist for people wanting to purchase investment properties to rent?
Do you have similar questions or just need information? Call us.

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