Partner With Us And Sell More Homes To MORE People

Partnering with Angel Oak Home Loans means there isn’t a need to turn buyers away because it sounds like they won’t qualify for an Agency loan. Instead of saying “no”, say “call Angel Oak”! You could be selling more homes to a more diverse group of homebuyers consisting of self-employed people, Jumbo borrowers, real estate investors and even those just two-years out of a foreclosure or bankruptcy. Think of the network these people have – you can help them purchase a house and become the go-to Realtor for homebuyers requiring alternative loan solutions. HOW do we accomplish this?

Innovative Loan Options
We offer traditional and non-QM products providing more options for more homebuyers. Our Bank Statement loan is one of our most utilized non-QM products. We quickly close self-employed homebuyers using bank statements instead of tax returns. We also have loan solutions such as Investor Cash Flow for real estate investors, Prime Jumbo and non-QM Jumbo for those who miss Prime qualifications as well as others.

MORE Flexibility for Jumbo Buyers
Our new Gold Prime Jumbo program now offers a debt-to-income ratio of 50%! And as low as 10% down for those who meet the requirements. We just rolled this out making our Prime Jumbo product more competitive.

Non-QM Education
We have been in the market educating on non-QM portfolio lending for many years. Fannie Mae has tightened guidelines once again making it harder for today’s homebuyers to qualify for a home loan. Your knowledge of non-QM products will make you that much more valuable to homebuyers who are looking for important information!

Making YOU a go-to Realtor
Become known as a problem solver! People with challenging loan scenarios who don’t think they can buy a home are even more grateful when they find out that they can. The word gets out that you are the go-to hero for self-employed or real estate investors and your referral base increases.

Let’s get started! Call us today – non-QM will continue to grow in demand and those who understand it are ahead of the competition poised to sell more homes.