Our Bank Statement Loan Is Quick To Close For Self-Employed Homebuyers

Our Bank Statement loan has helped many self-employed homebuyers qualify for a loan without using tax returns. Any Realtor who has worked with us knows how quickly this loan closes for their self-employed clients. We simply calculate income from their bank statement deposits when tax returns can’t be used. Self-employed people who take the allotted tax deductions on their returns may have a problem qualifying for a traditional loan. Tell them to call us first! If a traditional loan won’t work, we will quickly move them to a Bank Statement loan if they are eligible without any delays. Other lenders might have to turn them down and your client will have to start over – that’s not good in today’s competitive market.


We receive a lot of questions wanting to know more about Bank Statement! Here are little known facts and answers to questions we receive:

Does my self-employed homebuyer have to own 100% of their business?
No they do not. They can own as little as 50% using business account statements, and must have at least 25% ownership to use personal account statements.
My homebuyer self prepares their tax returns. Can they take their tax returns to a CPA to prepare a letter?
Yes, we will require a CPA prepared letter. We will need to review the letter for accuracies and must be able to verify the CPA via third party resources.

What bank accounts are acceptable for qualification?
We accept 12 or 24 months business or personal bank statement submissions.

Do you accept 1099 earning statements?
Yes we do through our 1099 income loan option.

What types of homes are allowed?
We issue loans for purchase or refinance for primary, second homes or investment properties.

Call me today to learn more – you’ll want to prospect for self-employed homebuyers! Increase your commission by stepping out of the box.