Make the Most of Your Home Equity!

Rates are the lowest they have been since February 2018. This is a great time for homeowners to make the most out of earned equity and possibly end up with more favorable terms than your current home loan through a cash-out refinance.

We have a program that can benefit most homeowners. People who are self-employed or those with a credit event can still qualify for a cash-out refinance. It could help improve fiscal health by using the funds to pay off credit cards, cover college tuition, finance a business or renovate a home.

Who could benefit from this?

  • Self-employed borrowers
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Lower credit scores / recent credit events
  • Foreign Nationals
Contact Angel Oak Home Loans today and find out more about our cash out refinance program. When we say “Built for Speed. Driven by Service”, we mean it!

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