Tips for Beautiful Winter Curb Appeal

Keep Your Home Looking Beautiful Even in the Winter

Tips for Beautiful Winter Curb AppealYou can create inviting curb appeal even with snow covering the lawn, brown dormant lawns, bare trees or plants void of blooms. It doesn’t have to be costly, either, to make your investment look its best year-round. Here are some great ideas to make you smile every time you pull up to your home this winter.

  • Look to colorful potted evergreens or plants with berries that can withstand cold.
  • Enhance the front porch with a new doormat or freshly painted front door.
  • Replace outdoor lightbulbs for a nice warm glow.
  • Use lanterns or pottery on the porch instead of plants. Place string lights in lanterns for a glow.
  • Winter wreaths with magnolia leaves, lemons, boxwood or berries look nice all through winter.
  • Update the mailbox with fresh paint or replace it for a nice curb makeover.
  • Tidy up removing fallen limbs, leaves, and clearing walkways of snow for a neat appearance.
  • Add pretty, colorful bird feeders to add interest and life to a dull, winter landscape.

We hope these ideas inspire you so you can enjoy coming home even on the bleakest days!  As always, let us know if you have any questions regarding homestead exemptions, refinancing or any home loan needs you may have