How To Buy A Home When Inventory Is Tight

Housing inventory is definitely tight across the country. At this point, no one is worried about selling – the worry is about finding another home to purchase. So what does the housing shortage mean to those wanting to move? Potentially nothing if you have the right lender and Realtor.

Realtors are out there selling homes right now – the purchase market is on fire! They know exactly what to do to find homes for their clients. If you are ready for a new home call a Realtor AND us from the start. Don’t wait until you have a home in mind to start the lending process.

Beat The Inventory Challenge!

Call Us
Explain your circumstances and end the conversation with document submissions and a pre-approval letter in process. Sellers are more likely to accept offers from buyers with pre-approval letters. I will tell you the right loan type for your circumstances. We have options other lenders don’t have!

Call A Realtor
Tell them you are serious having already talked to a lender with a pre-approval letter on the way. Tell them how much home you can afford and let them do what they do best – find the perfect home for you!

Be Ready To Beat The Competition
I will make sure you know exactly what to have ready to close easily and quickly. Talk to me about delayed financing – a cash purchase followed by a mortgage that allows you to recoup your cash.

The housing market will always have challenges for homebuyers to overcome. The trick is to have the right lender on your side so that you can still achieve your goals.

The Right Lender? Angel Oak Home Loans!