Honoring A Celebration Of Homeownership That Started 100 Years Ago

Celebration of Homeownership That Started 100 Years Ago

We celebrate homeownership every day, but we particularly love June for being National Homeownership Month. In case you were wondering, this started as a week-long celebration in the 1920s created by local real estate associations and progressed to a month-long celebration created by HUD. Angel Oak Home Loans supports this by helping people realize the dream of responsible homeownership.

We are here to advise people who are ready to purchase a home close their loan as quickly as possible. As well, we are ready to listen to those who need to discuss their circumstances and understand the steps to take to achieve the goal of homeownership.

Have your clients contact us regardless of where they are in the process of a home purchase for important information they need to know about today’s market and available loan options.

Our loans options include:

  • Traditional and conventional financing

  • Bank Statement for eligible self-employed buyers

  • Investor Cash Flow for property investors

  • Jumbo for higher priced homes that exceed the conforming limit

We honor National Homeownership the best way we know how – helping people achieve their dream of owning a home!

When we say, “Built for Speed. Driven by Service.
Close Quickly With Angel Oak Home Loans,” we mean it!