Homeowners Should Avoid These Costly Mistakes

It’s a very gratifying feeling to put a lot of hard work into a home and see it turn out beautifully. It is a very frustrating feeling to find out that the wrong product or handling ended up in a costly repair situation. At times, overdoing certain things or not handling something appropriately can harm your home. Here are a few tips to avoid common mistakes many homeowners make unknowingly:

  1.  Light bulbs can be too bright. Everyone wants a brightly lit home to read by or cook in the kitchen. Did you know, though, that exceeding a light fixture’s or lamp’s recommended wattage can be dangerous? Using the wrong incandescent or halogen bulb could cause the wiring to overheat. Overheating inside the fixture can even cause the wall it’s near to start to erode putting your home at risk for an electrical fire. Your best bet for more light is to consider LEDs as they draw fewer watts of electrical power.
  2.  The wrong paint or stain can cause problems. There is more to choosing paint than just the color as it turns out. When choosing outdoor paint make sure it’s resistant to sun and rain as they can wreak havoc over time. You need a paint or sealer that effectively block UV rays. Using the wrong paint in a bathroom or kitchen can potentially allow mold or mildew to grow or the paint to blister and bubble. Sealers and paint that resists moisture and mildew is key. Ask a paint specialist before you buy for bathrooms or kitchens.
  3. Tree limbs should never grow over your house. Large hardwoods with lush limbs look beautiful in a yard and no one wants to disrupt the look. However, when it starts to grow over your home there could be potential disaster. Limbs can break off in a storm or raccoons and squirrels may make their way into your home. They can nest in your attic or gnaw electrical wires causing severe problems.
  4. Consult a professional before insulating your own attic. It seems easy just to roll out sheets of foam in your attic, right? The process of doing it is easy but getting the amount of insulation wrong is an easy mistake to make. Too much insulation in the wrong places can actually cause wood to rot. It could be a while before you know there is even damage and that could be a costly repair to make.
  5. Do not try to hide your HVAC. We get it….they aren’t pretty. You spend a lot of money on your landscaping and the air conditioning system just doesn’t enhance the appearance. Many people will plant shrubs or plants to make it more aesthetically pleasing and end up blocking proper ventilation and clogging the system. HVAC repairs and replacements are not typically cheap so make sure there is always plenty of open space.

We hope you find these tips useful towards protecting your most important investment – your home!