Home Loan Options You Might Not Know About

Here are a few scenarios that might relate to you:

Property investors using a 1031 Exchange
People who trying to sell an investment property can be hit with a tax bill from the sale of the property. A 1031 exchange can defer those taxes by exchanging one property for another by relinquishing it and exchanging it for an equally or higher valued property. A tax advisor or tax preparer can tell you more about a 1031 Exchange and how it can tax defer the sale amount.  We can help with our Investor Cash Flow product to get the deal closed as quickly as possible to meet the 1031 Exchange purchase deadline.

Self-Employed and 1099 Earners
Are you wanting to purchase or refinance, but your employment situation is different from the last time you closed? If you have been self-employed or a 1099 earner for at least two years, you might be eligible to use your bank statements or 1099 earning statements instead of tax returns. Even if it has been less than two years, call me to find out more details on how our Bank Statement program works. We can advise you on when you might be eligible or another loan option that might be a fit for you.

Qualify on assets to purchase or refinance
Many people think an asset loan is only for retirees. Our Asset Qualifier helps eligible people with unique situations. Self-employed people with a new business, divorce situations with large settlements or anyone who can use assets they already have to qualify. No tax returns or employment information is needed. This loan can be used for a new purchase or a refinance.

What is your story? Whether it is similar to the above examples or completely different, we are here to listen and advise. Contact us today to find out more and see if you are eligible for one of our loan options. It starts with a conversation!