Helping Each Individual Homebuyer With Their Specific Circumstances

Working with a full-service lender like us has its advantages. For instance, we have loan offerings that other lenders do not that include non-QM products. Non-QM loans are products for homebuyers who cannot qualify for traditional Agency loans. These homebuyers simply do not fit into the Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guideline box.  We also offer government insured loans for those who do meet the guidelines and are eligible.

The bottom line is this… not turn away a homebuyer because you aren’t sure if they qualify. Have your client call me first – I can tell them exactly which loan is right for them, what they can afford, and walk them through every step of the process. Watch your referrals grow as you sell more homes to veterans, self-employed, real estate investors and others!


Some of our niche lending products include:

For eligible self-employed homebuyers to qualify using personal or business bank account statements instead of tax returns.
For real estate investors to quickly qualify based on the cash flow of the property. No income or employment information is required.
For eligible veterans, reservists, active-duty personnel or eligible family members of veterans.
For homebuyers in qualified rural areas.

We have more options and all are created for a homebuyer’s specific circumstances. Call me today to learn more, run a scenario by us, or have your client reach out.

It starts with a conversation!