Help Your Homebuyers Be As Prepared As Possible For A Quick Close

June 21st, 2022

The home shopping part is always the most fun. We don’t take it personally that homebuyers enjoy that part more than the loan process. However, we do go out of our way to make the experience as easy and positive as possible. Please encourage your buyers to call us right way when they let you know they are ready to buy.

We can do several things to ensure execution at all phases of the process! Here is why calling us from the start is crucial:

We will listen and advise on the right loan product at the beginning of the process. Don’t get in a situation with a lender having to say no right before closing. The stress and frustration can be avoided – no one needs that in today’s market. If a traditional loan won’t work, we have a list of non-QM portfolio products to quickly pivot to.  Also, we don’t have to get outside approval to do a loan. We are the end investor – so when we say we can do a loan from the beginning – we get it done.

We can preapprove your buyers. A preapproval is different from getting prequalified. With a preapproval your buyers are letting sellers know they are serious and have started the loan process. They know what they can afford and are on their way towards closing once they are under contract. If your buyers want more information, here is a great resource.

Your reputation and referrals are protected. A smooth closing for buyers bodes well for the lender AND the Realtor. Your clients will tell friends and family that you were a great agent who had a trusted lender that handled their unique circumstances professionally with a quick close.

Traditional loans, Bank Statement for self-employed, Jumbo options outside of Prime, and an Investor Cash Flow loan just for real estate investors are just a few examples. Call today and learn more about how we can help you sell more homes to more types of buyers – it starts with being prepared to close the loan from the beginning!