Have you considered buying a vacation home?

Have you considered buying a vacation home? A secondary property can be a great investment in your future. As well, provide a retreat to you and your family from everyday life.

Now may be a great time for you to purchase a second home or a vacation property. At Angel Oak Home Loans we have options that might be right for your situation. Our investor loans are a good option for eligible buyers wanting to purchase a property for the purpose of a second property, whether it is a single-family home or multi-unit condo. The loan can be used for purchases, cash-out or rate-term refinances. If you know where you want to retire, consider purchasing and start that investing now while the market conditions are favorable.

Call us! One of our mortgage experts are happy to answer any questions and provide information to help you get ready for a loan now or in the near future. It’s a big step to buy a second home or rental property and a lender is a crucial part of the research.