Get To Know Your Team – Rick Fantucci

Rick Fantucci is one of our experts at Angel Oak Home Loans committed to serving borrowers and supporting Realtors. He is known to be a reliable consultant supporting his team and clients. We would like for you to get to know him even better!

This week meet Rick Fantucci from Atlanta, Georgia. Rick has been in the real estate and mortgage industries for 20 years. He appreciates that Angel Oak recognized the opportunity to create products that allow more homeowners to enter the market.  When asked what he loves most about Angel Oak he says, “First, the presence of possibility. We offer a vast array of products so that we can routinely say yes when others say no. Second, we have the operational commitment to close loans quickly and efficiently. Our innovative, quality products are designed for unique situations that make sense.”

Rick’s hobbies include spending time with his two daughters watching them play softball and basketball. Interesting to note, Rick’s wife, Tina, works for Angel Oak and does a fantastic job supporting sales. When he is not prequalifying loans, he is cheering for the Detroit Lions.

Rick can help you grow your business through traditional or alternative loan options as another way to keep your pipelines full. For more information, please contact him or visit