Embracing a Work Culture, Emphasizing What Actually Matters

Corporate culture in mortgage careers has a way of permeating through almost all aspects of employee life

Corporate culture has a way of permeating through almost all aspects of employee life, even outside of work – a major reason many prospective high-caliber job seekers emphasize workplace culture and atmosphere over opportunity and even compensation. These job seekers know that a negative and harmful company culture can have the unfortunate effect of becoming overwhelming and discouraging, ultimately driving out a company’s current and potential best employees. LinkedIn points out an interesting trend – what it calls a “flocking to small organizations.” The best and brightest employees are seemingly seeking out smaller companies that offer nimbleness and an opportunity for disruption, something entrepreneurial and ambitious employees crave.

In addition, high performance employees seek:

Workplace Values
People like working for and perform better in companies they believe in. v

At Angel Oak Home Loans we treat our licensed mortgage advisors with the same care and attention we seek to treat our clients, providing among the best service in the mortgage origination industry while also making possible the dream of homeownership for many who may have been told it was not possible. Our licensed mortgage advisors take part in this incredible process daily, creating a loyalty and appreciation noticed by others. Angel Oak Home Loans was named the 2015 Top Work Place in Atlanta by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

High Performance Culture
Every company’s most talented individuals have a drive to perform and succeed. They’re looking for challenge. They want an environment where they constantly learn new things and are pushed in different directions, and they go to work not just to make a living but to accomplish something with their lives. Ambitious people look for like-minded groups to excel alongside, hungry to make a difference. There need to be opportunities to excel and the freedom to make mistakes in the pursuit of newer, better methods. A culture of innovation keeps your best team members motivated.

Angel Oak Home Loans provides a workplace, tools, and environment that allow its associates to be innovative and excel.

High performance workers look at opportunity as one of the most important factors in the workplace. This is so powerful that it often becomes more important than compensation itself. By taking a long term approach to their careers, high performing employees use opportunity to learn new things, gain the skills they need, and lead in areas they believe things are lacking. This creates for them and the company greater long term success. The best people in any field are looking for careers where they can grow with the company, not just jobs. By giving workers the chance to prove themselves, take leadership and responsibility, and direct their career growth, you’ll attract among the highest caliber employees in the market.

Angel Oak Home Loans is a retail mortgage lending firm that believes its biggest strength is in the quality of its employees. Ranked as the 23rd fastest growing companyin the Atlanta metropolitan area by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Angel Oak Home Loans continues to offer an increasing amount of new career opportunities with its quick expansion across the country.

Career Opportunities for Mortgage Lending Professionals
Angel Oak Home Loans, headquartered in Atlanta and one of Georgia’s fastest growing companies, looks to continue its rapid nationwide growth with a commitment to providing new career opportunities in mortgage lending. The firm is currently seeking a wide range of experienced and career-focused licensed mortgage advisors in Atlanta and its branches located nationwide. Angel Oak Home Loans offers significant opportunities for experienced mortgage professionals.