Differentiate Yourself!

The market has changed and many homebuyers can’t qualify for an Agency loan. Why? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have imposed stricter guidelines. More homes now fall outside the conforming limits and there is an increase in Prime Jumbo fall-out. Many self-employed people take allowed tax deductions and can’t qualify using their tax returns.

Let other Realtors decide they aren’t up for the challenge. And don’t tell them this…..most of these homebuyers aren’t a challenge to close at all. They need non-QM and Angel Oak Home Loans.

Differentiate yourself

Become the stand-out resource for self-employed homebuyers, real estate investors and Jumbo borrowers who just miss Prime Jumbo qualifications.

Who Are Non-QM Borrowers?

  • Self-employed homebuyers with good to excellent credit with large down payments purchasing higher priced homes.
    • ​​​​​​Obstacle: They can’t use tax returns to qualify.
    • Our Solution: Bank Statement Loan
  • Real estate investors who need a quick close qualifying based on rental cash flow instead of documentation.
    • ​​​​​Obstacle: Agency loans require full documentation
    • Our Solution: Investor Cash Flow
  • Jumbo homebuyers who just miss Prime Jumbo qualifications.

Be the Realtor who specializes in underserved, credit worthy homebuyers with unique circumstances. Help the homebuyers your competitors don’t know how to help…..before they figure out how to beat you to it.