Cash Buyers Might Need It Back! We Offer Delayed Financing.

April 26, 2022

Let your homebuyers know they can pay cash to win bids…..and get it back through delayed financing!


Delayed Financing is a win-win for everyone involved! They get the house and Realtors make a sale that otherwise might not have happened. They can then recoup a large percentage of their cash within six months of purchase without waiting.

Here’s an example of how it works:


  • A borrower finds the right home or rental property and is ready to make a purchase. Since the market is still very competitive, they need to act fast. Making an an all-cash offer can be more attractive to a seller.
  • They want as much of the cash back as possible soon after the sale so they can replenish their money in the bank.

Solution: We have many!

  • Bank Statement loans for self-employed borrowers uses personal or business bank statements to qualify. No tax returns required.
  • Investor Cash Flow DSCR for real estate investors allows the property’s expected cash flow to determine qualification. No income or employment information is required. Short-term rentals are now accepted.
  • Full Doc Platinum offers Jumbo clients the opportunity to replenish their bank accounts.
  • Full-Doc Portfolio Select is ideal for those with credit issues. This loan only requires one year seasoning for foreclosure, short sale, or deed-in-lieu and two years out of bankruptcy.
Not everyone wants to pay cash, but in today’s market it might mean getting an offer accepted over others. Delayed Financing could be the answer! Call us or have your borrower contact us today.

It Starts With A Conversation!