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Success Stories

City: Jacksonville, Florida

Scenario: Customer built $600k home, putting 20% down. Customer had 750 credit score, but when sold home 24 months prior, had a short payoff on the 2nd mortgage. Loan went for final approval at big bank and was turned down. AOHL closed it on a Portfolio Product in 26 days.

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Scenario: Customer had a complicated income stream and was previously turned down by two lenders. Customer was putting 10% down and had great credit. Using a “common sense” approach to calculating his income we were able to qualify him. The loan closed on our Portfolio Select Program in 20 days.

City: Orlando, Florida

Scenario: Customer needed an FHA loan but had a 565 credit score due to some old medical collections. Angel Oak was the one preferred lender that will go down to a 500 FICO on FHA. We closed the transaction in 26 days on a Spec Home.

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Scenario: Borrower is needing to down size as she is elderly and can’t continue to go up and down her stairs. She was denied from the other preferred lender for a deed in lieu of foreclosure that she had 1 year ago. They advised that she needed to wait 3 years to qualify for FHA. She called Angel Oak and we were able to put her into the Home$ense program.

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Scenario: Self-Employed buyer had been turned down by one of the other preferred lenders due to inadequate income reflected on his tax returns. Our 24 Month Business Bank statement program allowed him to qualify based on 2 years of P&L’s verified by the average deposits in his business account. Also a majority of the down payment was a gift.

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Scenario: Client needed a 5% down jumbo loan which fit perfectly on our Jumbo Buster Program. The loan had started with another preferred lender that didn’t offer this type of program. We closed it in 27 days.

City: Charlotte, North Carolina

Scenario: In-house lender would not allow commission income to be used for qualification because borrower had changed jobs within the last year (same industry). AOHL used 24 month average and closed deal.

City: Atlanta, Georgia

Scenario: Customer goes to lender where they have a relationship. Bank cannot close due to short sale. Angel Oak closes in 30 days on a portfolio product.