Tell “On the Fence” Buyers Not to Wait to Purchase a Home

Tell “On the Fence” Buyers Not to Wait to Purchase a HomeNo doubt you talk to many people who wish they could buy a home now but think it is not the right time. At this time of the year, many people are busy and think they don’t have time to dedicate to the loan process. Others think they won’t qualify because they don’t have excellent credit.

Tell them you work with a lender who has the products, technology and customer service to get it done. They could be in a new home before the holidays!

We have:

  • MyHomeLoan Mobile App – Your clients can apply for a loan, scan and upload documents and track their file from their phone. No need to miss kids activities or the football game.
  • Non-Prime Mortgage Program – Ideal for those with lower credit scores and includes Jumbo loans. Waiting to buy a home is not necessary with this product.
  • Online Learning Center – Mortgage checklist, credit tips, information on getting pre-qualified and pre-approved and more are all in one place. Easy to read and understand.
  • Expert Advice – Give us a call! Tell us about your loan scenario and we will tell you our customized approach to help get to the closing table.

Sell more homes and finish the year strong. Let us help you answer lending questions that might allow your buyer to purchase a home now!

Built for Speed. Driven by Service. Close Quickly with Angel Oak Home Loans.

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