Bring Your Buyers Who Might Get Turned Away To Us!

Bring Your Buyers Who Might Get Turned Away To Us!

Many buyers find themselves in a situation where they have invested time with a lender only to find out their loan is rejected and they have missed their homebuying opportunity. Often times, they know upfront this could be the case. This makes for a stressful time having to start over. Our Portfolio Select program could have possibly helped them qualify if only they had known.

Realtors, tell your buyers to come to us first! We can tell them whether or not they qualify for a traditional loan. The best part is, we don’t have to turn them away to find another lender. Instead, we will match the right loan product based on their circumstances.

Stop letting your homebuyers miss their homebuying opportunity! They get their dream home and you close the sale. They will tell all their friends that you saved the day and watch the referrals flood in!

  • Loans to $3 Million (Minimum $75,000)
  • Up to 90% LTV (No MI)
  • Interest Only Program Available*
  • 5/1 ARM or 30-year fixed
  • 2 Years Seasoning for Foreclosure, Short Sale, Bankruptcy, Deed In Lieu
  • Owner-Occupied, 2nd Homes, Investment Properties allowed
  • Non-Warrantable Condos Allowed
  • 12 month personal bank statements
  • DTI up to 50% considered
  • 1 year tax return program for self-employed available

When we say “Built For Speed. Driven By Service. Close Quickly With Angel Oak Home Loans.”, we mean it!

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