Be The Go-To Realtor For Self-Employed Clients And Potentially Increase Commissions!

Do you know the value of prospecting to self-employed people? We know Realtors work hard to make sure plenty of opportunities come their way.  Stand out from the competition by carving a niche that includes a large population of people – self-employed! There are around 18 million self-employed people according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics – that’s a lot of potential homebuyers.

Our specialty is helping self-employed homebuyers close quickly. When they can’t qualify for a traditional loan, we quickly move eligible borrowers into a Bank Statement loan. It is our most utilized Non-QM loan product that we close every day. Many Realtors are increasing their commissions sending their self-employed clients to us. And then earning more from the referrals.




Common misperceptions about self-employed homebuyers and loan options:

No Tax Returns = No Loan
This may be true with some lenders but NOT with us. Our Bank Statement loan uses 12 or 24 months of personal or business account statements to determine income. Tax returns are not required.

Non-QM Bank Statement Loans Are Difficult
We close these loans every day and have for many years. They are very simple and quick to close. Those who know…..KNOW! And they send their self-employed homebuyers to us every time.

Self-Employed Clients Won’t Qualify
Most have good to excellent credit and want to purchase higher priced homes. The average loan size we close is over $550K. Typically, the ONLY obstacle are the deductions they are allowed to take on their taxes. The solution? Qualify using bank statements!

I Tried It Once And It Didn’t Work Out
If at first you don’t succeed, call Angel Oak Home Loans. Typically, borrowers are turned away when there is not an option outside of Agency. We have traditional AND non-QM loan options. We advise with the right loan product from the start, collect documentation and prepare a preapproval letter for those eligible. Closings are quick and efficient.

Gain an advantage over the competition and earn more commission!

When we say, “Built for Speed. Driven by Service.
Close Quickly With Angel Oak Home Loans.”
, we mean it!