Bank Statement Loans Are Easier With Angel Oak

We are an excellent go-to for Realtors with self-employed buyers! We make it easy by not requiring tax documents. Now it’s even better as we do not require proof of 100% business ownership in order to qualify – only a minimum of 50% is needed.

Just because your buyer does not qualify for a conventional loan does not mean it is going to be difficult. We have products outside of conventional that are just as easy and can close just as quickly. Call us – let’s talk about your homebuyer’s loan challenge and how we can help.

We offer traditional loan products and a portfolio suite of products so you can work with one lender who gets it right the first time! When we say, “Built for Speed. Driven by Service. Close Quickly With Angel Oak Home Loans”, we mean it!

  • No tax returns required
  • 12 month business and personal bank statements
  • Loans up to $3 million
  • Up to 90% LTV on personal and business with no MI
  • 2 years self-employed required

Built For Speed. Driven By Service.

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