Avoid Losing Deals!

Please do not automatically turn homebuyers away because they have a complicated financial situation. We are experienced in loan challenges – we close them easily and quickly every day!

What should you do when you aren’t sure your client will qualify? Call us first!

Realtors have lost deals turning away these homebuyers:

Advising a self-employed buyer to not claim tax deductions for two years so they can qualify for a conventional loan.

Bank Statement loan could be the solution for a quick close right now.
They would miss out on two years of appreciation and tax benefits! Close them now.

People who have taken out a PPP loan, accepted a forbearance, or lost income due to the COVID pandemic.
Have them call us anyway. We have loan solutions for those with credit events. It might work out and they will be especially grateful. Imagine the referrals!

Homebuyers less than seven years out of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu.
We have several loan options that allow just one year out of foreclosure, short sale, deed-in-lieu and two years out of bankruptcy. Have them call us first.

How do we know? The homebuyer told us they had to find another Realtor with a lender who could help them. If you don’t help them close a deal…..someone else will. Why don’t you take that commission?

Have your homebuyer call us first to find out if they qualify and what loan type might work for their circumstances.