Alternative Mortgage Solutions Can Help You Sell More Homes

Homebuyers call us every day asking us for help with their unique situations. Many of them have been turned away by another lender simply because they did not have another loan option for them. Many of them aren’t sure if they qualify based on changed financial circumstances, they are self-employed, real estate investors with multiple properties, and other reasons. Typically, the conversation starts with “I have a unique situation” or “ Here’s my story please advise on how you might help me purchase a home”.  In most situations, the conversation ends with an application started and a plan in place matching the right loan product to their circumstances.
Are you ready with options should a homebuyer approach you with a unique situation? If not, call us and we can help educate you on mortgage products including our portfolio loans comprised of non-QM products. We are happy to present to your office as well so you can start the conversation with a self-employed homebuyer, real estate investor or Jumbo borrower.


Product Offerings Including:


Bank Statement
A mortgage loan for eligible self-employed homebuyers. No tax returns are required. Qualification is based on 12 or 24 months of personal or business bank account statements.

We have Prime Jumbo and a non-QM option called Platinum Jumbo for those who do not qualify for Prime.

Investor Cash Flow
Real estate investors can build portfolios without needing employment or tax returns to qualify. We qualify based on rental analysis to determine cash flow.

Portfolio Select
Our full doc mortgage loan allows eligible homebuyers just two years out of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or deed-in-lieu to purchase a home. Other loans require four to seven years seasoning after a credit event.

Asset Qualifier
This product qualifies based on assets instead of tax returns or employment.

Learn about the importance of non-QM and why more homebuyers need it to qualify for a home loan. It could mean that you sell more homes and gain more referrals. Who doesn’t want that?

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