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Your Guide to Owning a Home

“Tara Purvis and her team at Angel Oak homes were amazing! This process of becoming a home owner has been a long process! I had been on the journey of becoming a home owner for about 3 years. It seemed as though it was not going to happen! I was given Tara’s name and immediately she connected with me. Our initial conversation I felt a connection! I felt like everything was falling into place. I appreciated the way the process took place. The process of buying a home can be overwhelming! I had a fantastic group of people working with me! I felt as if I was a priority with this awesome team! I was given guidance and easy to follow instructions. This helped to manage the unknown that comes with the home buyer process. I was able to navigate through the different requirements with ease! At my closing Tara had painted me a picture of my new home! That is what I call customer service! I really felt special! I appreciate the experience with this team of wonderful people! I am forever grateful for the care and attention to detail shown to me and my family. Tara and the team are the best!”  -Izolla H.


“Literally everything about this company is great…. I worked with Tara Purvis, Katie Frasier, and Martha Cunningham out of Tifton, GA and literally everything they had to do with our loan process made my life easier….. They were in constant contact with me, worked so quickly and diligently, when you need something and call them, they are available to speak AND are actual human beings and even if they are not able to answer instantly and you have to leave a voicemail they call back literally in minutes. These women work so well together and are helpful and honest. They are made me feel so confident with choosing them, were so patient with explaining things which was so helpful being first time home buyers…. Literally, I could NOT have been more lucky to have had the pleasure of doing business with them….
I love that they will LITERALLY do whatever they possibly can do to work with their clients and are actual HUMAN beings that respond and sent weekly updates to let us all know where we were and what we were waiting on…. They went to bat for my husband and I even against Bank of America to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to be doing…. If I had to do this process all over again, I would chose this company over ANY other one…. They are amazing!!! Thanks to them and also having some fast moving sellers, we even get to move in 12 days early and we are moving in tomorrow!!! So EXCITED! Thank you ladies!!!” -Blair M.