We at Angel Oak Home Loans pride ourselves on helping home buyers become home owners. Our lending practice is based on a core principal of providing consumers a variety of innovative mortgage products tailored to meet their individual home financing requirements. We respect that everyone comes to us with unique circumstances and we are ready to advise them on the very best way to meet their mortgage needs. Offering traditional loan products and a portfolio suite of programs enables us help a larger population of people including those who did not think homeownership was a possibility. Many of our clients recommend Angel Oak to a friend or colleague based on their positive experience working with us. When we say we are built for speed and driven by service, we mean it.

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Your Guide to Owning a Home

“Earl did an amazing job! The entire process was seamless and smooth.” -Jeff W.


“Earl Proeger and his team are FANTASTIC! They made it easy for me. They handled every little hiccup with grace and speed. They were positive and helpful throughout the whole process, and I’m not an easy Client! Thank you, Earl!” -Matt S.


“Angel oak is the place to go for your loans! They made it so easy, Earl Proeger is the best! Always there if you have any questions. We highly recommend them. It was our first time buying a house they were there to walk us through every step. Thank you Earl and team!” -Lupe S.


“Phenomenal experience. Earl and the team were always on call and immediately answered any questions I had through the entire process. He had seemingly endless patience to help me model out as many scenarios I could think of until I felt absolutely sure about which direction I wanted to take. He’s very transparent on fees, etc and his closing estimates were right on the mark. Their app made communication and document signing & exchanging almost instant and stress free, which was great for me, as I travel a lot for work. Even more, he made me feel comfortable that if I didn’t like the way things were going, I could literally cancel at any point in the process, even through closing (thankfully, I did not cancel). Earl was referred to me by my brother-in-law and I would absolutely refer Earl to any of my other family members, as well. Thank you Earl and everyone on the team!!!” -Scott


“Working with Earl and Samantha and Carl was a great experience! When dealing with some very important financial decisions and sometimes stressful experiences, it is so amazing to have such a helpful knowledgeable team working for you! I would recommend this company highly! They rocked it!” -Kasi K.


“Earl was extremely helpful throughout the whole home buying process. His team had a great approach that took advantage of technology. I would recommend!” -Taylor F.


“Earl and his team were super responsive and able to answer any questions or concerns that we have. Reached out when rates were the best and we were able to close early and had no issues at closing, even the title company said they did a great job. I would definitely recommend Angel Oak and Earl to anyone needing a home loan.” -Chris E.


“Quick, easy, efficient.. Earl and his staff are amazing.” -Jeff W.


“Earl and his team did fantastic! They worked hard and helped us get the home we wanted. Thanks for all you guys do!” -Lauren C.


“Amazing work by Earl and company. They were definitely integral in having our offer accepted, and worked diligently throughout the entire process, even during rough scenarios.” -Clay Y.


“Loved working with Earl! We were dreading our refi data drive and Earl and his team were great! It wasn’t bad at all! Easy to work with, efficient, fast, friendly- 5/5 stars! we def recommend Earl and the folks at Angel Oak!” -Lindsey M.


“Earl helped us navigate a refi during a very interesting and sometimes confusing time. I have known Earl for years and he is honest, straight forward, knowledgeable and very personable. I would strongly recommend him for a home purchase or refi. Thank you!” -Keith K.