David brings an unparalleled track record of leadership, project development and delivery to our team. With a unique background in both finance and supply chain management, David has spent over 15 years building strong relationships in both fields. Following his studies at Penn State, David went on to be an instrumental risk mitigation leader delivering time sensitive solutions to companies such as Boeing and Lockhead Martin. David has also worked extensively in the private equity and brokerage space, having managed a nearly 100 person sales team to exceed investment goals and deliver a $60M portfolio. David is highly regarded for his ability to consistently deliver while being a powerful example of dedication and persistence to the teams he has led.

David is a savvy negotiator, cutting edge market strategist, and seasoned strategic planner. David is, first and foremost, a man who values relationships and is the epitome of integrity, energy, hard work and creative problem solving.

After living in Laguna Beach, CA for several years, David moved back to Charleston South Carolina. When not in the office, David can be found scoping out unique real estate, riding his motorcycle and enjoying the outdoors with his family.

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