A New Year To Build Your Business With Us!

Happy New Year! Let us help you with your goal to sell more homes in 2022. How? By helping you save deals that maybe you think can’t happen. For example, a self-employed homebuyer who can’t qualify using tax returns, a homebuyer out of foreclosure for only one year, or someone who needs a Jumbo mortgage but doesn’t meet Prime qualifications. We close these loans every day! Feel free to call simply to discuss these challenges and the loan types that worked.

Make 2022 the year you better understand borrowers who are underserved in the market such as self-employed or real estate investors who need non-traditional loans to purchase homes. Next thing you know, you’ll be marketing to these borrower types rather than avoiding them thinking they won’t qualify – because the truth is – those who are eligible qualify easily and close quickly.

Call us today and hear about non-QM to learn how you can sell more homes to more buyers.

  • Bank Statement – Self-employed borrowers who are eligible can qualify using personal or business bank statements. 1099 earners can submit 1099 earning statements for qualification.
  • Non-QM Platinum Jumbo – A loan solution for borrowers who miss qualifying for Prime Jumbo.
  • Portfolio Select – Homebuyers who are one year out of foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu or two years out of bankruptcy might be eligible for this full doc loan.
  • Investor Cash Flow – Real estate investors can grow their portfolios with this product that does not require income or employment information. It qualifies on the expected cash flow of the property.
  • ITIN – Homebuyers who do not have Social Security cards can use ITIN cards to qualify as long as they meet all guideline requirements.