A 40 Year Fixed Interest Only Loan Makes Payments Affordable

May 10th, 2022

What do you say to a client who wants to put off buying because of rising interest rates and not being able to afford a mortgage payment? How about this – a 40 year fixed interest only loan allows homebuyers to buy now and get the mortgage payment that fits their budget!

Our 40 year fixed interest only program offers a benefit to your homebuyers even with today’s interest rates. Your homebuyers can get into a home with the mortgage payment they can afford. Real estate investors also benefit through a lower monthly payment that increases their cash flow making a property more attractive to them. Market yourself as a valuable resource to homebuyers having a lending partner with a 40 year fixed interest only program!

  • Available on portfolio non-QM full doc loans including Jumbo, Bank Statement for self-employed, and Investor Cash Flow for real estate investors
  • Primary, second homes and investment properties
  • Non-warrantable condos allowed
  • Flexible guidelines including less than seven years out of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu (seasoning varies by loan product
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