Our newest branch in Wilmington, North Carolina is officially open!

Read additional information about our Wilmington team.

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Our newest branch in West Lake, California is officially open!

Read additional information about our West Lake team.

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A big deal in nonprime mortgages proves leery investors are finally hungry again

Angel Oak Capital Advisors announced a more than $210 million deal on rated securitization of nonprime residential mortgages.

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Angel Oak Capital Advisors Announces Second Rated Securitization of Non-Prime Residential Mortgages

Angel Oak Capital Advisors, LLC (Angel Oak) announced today it has completed AOMT 2017-2, a $210.45 million securitization of non-prime residential mortgages.

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Why renters should pay attention to how the Fed reserve affects mortgage rates

To rent, or to buy. That is the question.

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How to get a mortgage without a full-time, permanent job

The growing number of gig economy workers in this country may have the freedom to work whenever they want, and sometimes from wherever they want, but when it comes to buying a home, all of that freedom has its price.

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How long does it take to get a mortgage? Longer than you may think

In the age of same-day delivery and smartphones, we’re used to rapid wish fulfillment.

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Mortgage Default Explained: What Really Happens When you can't pay up.

If you've got a mortgage, we hope your mama hammered home how important it is to make those mortgage payments on time, every month.

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Increasing Your Home’s Value: A How-To Guide

A look at the ways to increase your home's value.

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These Cities Top The 'Mortgage Stress' List

Owning a home, for most of us, comes with certain built-in stress factors— maintenance, market value and a certain loss of housing flexibility among them.

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With Mortgage Rates Cresting 3.5%, Will a Fed Rate Hike Drive Them Higher?

Mortgage rates are already rising, and the pace of the uptick may accelerate if the Federal Reserve boosts interest rates.

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7 Tips for Reducing your Monthly Home-Mortgage Costs

Homeownership allows you to be king of your castle. You can afford a bigger castle if you learn to keep your monthly mortgage costs low.

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Angel Oak announces a $132.65 Million Securitization of Non-Agency Residential Mortgages

This securitization marks the second offering of its kind by Angel Oak Capital and represents the firm’s commitment to revitalizing the non-QM mortgage market.

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Angel Oak Home Loans Grows National Presence with New Branch Openings

Firm sets stage to serve more individuals in key states.

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Could Brexit Actually Be a Positive for U.S. Real Estate?

How the surprising result of the U.K. referendum may offset other expected market effects later this year.

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Why a 30 Year Home Mortgage May Leave You House Poor

Don’t take any aspect of home finance lightly, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

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Atlanta’s Lending Environment

Whitney Fite, President of AOHL on the lending environment in Atlanta.

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How Interest Only Mortgages Work

Here is a short guide to this type of mortgage.

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Plenty of Low Down Payment Programs Available to Buyers

Learn more about the myths surrounding low down payment mortgages.

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7 Reasons Why Younger Americans Will Buy a Home This Year

Millennials are definitely in the market for a new home in 2016. Here are some logical explanations you may not have considered.

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Angel Oak Announces $150 Million Securitization of Non-Prime Mortgages

“Exciting times for Angel Oak Companies! Announced today the completion of its first securitization of non-prime whole loans. The loans, which total $150.4 million in aggregate, were originated by two of Angel Oak Capital's affiliate companies-Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions and Angel Oak Home Loans."

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Broader View of Credit to Ease Mortgage Qualifying

Whitney Fite, President of AOHL on the easing of credit liquidity in mortgage markets

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Whitney Fite, President of AOHL discusses the mindset of Millennial clients

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Winners and Losers Under Higher Interest Rates

Whitney Fite, President of AOHL in USA Today on how a Fed rate increase will affect the mortgage market

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The downsides of a 15-year mortgage

AOHL President Whitney Fite on how a 15-year mortgage can impact monthly expenses

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What Higher Interest Rates Mean for Consumers

Whitney Fite, President of AOHL in USA Today on how higher rates will affect mortgage accessibility

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TRID: The latest in Mortgage Regulation

Learn more about one of the largest mortgage lending regulatory changes in history.

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How soon can you get a mortgage after foreclosure?

Whitney Fite, President of AOHL on how borrowers can get a mortgage after foreclosure.

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Our Own Whitney Fite on His Industry Thoughts and Experiences

Atlanta Agent Magazine's Agent Snapshot features Whitney L. Fite, the president of Angel Oak Home Loans LLC.

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Whitney L. Fite’s Top 5 Factors for Atlanta’s Housing Market

Atlanta Agent Magazine talked with Whitney L. Fite, the president of Angel Oak Home Loans LLC, for his top five factors for Atlanta’s housing market.

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Rent vs Buy in 2015: What’s the Right Move in Housing This Year?

Housing decisions are never easy, but the New Year is a good time to reevaluate whether renting or buying is right for you.

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Lenders Like Angel Oak Home Loans Giving Borrowers with Credit Blips Hope for Home Mortgages

“It’s such a tight credit box,” says Whitney Fite, the SVP, Managing Director. “On paper if you have a foreclosure you’re a terrible risk, but it can’t be that way. You have to put some common sense into this and look for areas that banks won’t go.

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Lenders, Economists Need More Jobs Reports to See Housing Return

“The jobs report is a big indicator on the potential for the first-time homebuyer to reenter the marketplace; they've been widely absent the last few years, and you won’t see a healthy recovery without first-time buyers in the market,” Fite told Scotsman Guide News.

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Lending Outside the Guidelines

Angel Oak Home Loans, a retail lender in Atlanta, is offering loans of up to $1 million under a program geared toward borrowers who have had an isolated negative credit event like a short sale or foreclosure.

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Managing Director Whitney Fite discusses down payments in Market Watch

Learn more about the challenges facing borrowers in, "Saving for a down payment? It could take you until 2027."

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Angel Oak Home Loans cited in Bloomberg as flexible lender

The piece, "You Don't Need to Be Perfect to Get a U.S. Loan Anymore", discusses the new environment for mortgage lending.

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Angel Oak Home Loans adds new leadership

We're pleased to announce the hiring of Richard Staley as Chief Production Officer, and Chris Lewis as Business Development Officer

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